Danny House Youth Band - "Growing Youth"

Danny House is a community center operating in the Hatikva neighborhood of south Tel Aviv. On the morning of Saturday, January 19, 1991, during the Gulf War, a Scud missile fired from Iraq hit the public shelter at Danny House. There were no casualties, but Danny House and the surrounding buildings were severely damaged.

Following an immediate renovation of the Danny House complex, the band "Growing Youth" immediately began preparations for a particularly grand and festive opening performance to restart the center's activities. For this performance, two young and still unknown artists were recruited - Eli Yatzpan and Anat Magen. The talented and well-known sculptor Moti Mizrahi was also invited to prepare a sculpture for the festive opening, which was unveiled at the start of the event. In June 1992, activities resumed at the renovated Danny House. Today, Moti Mizrahi's "Angel of Peace" sculpture stands at the location where the missile struck. This event was a collaboration with the center's dance group.

The Danny House Youth Band - "Growing Youth", cultivated by then Mayor Shlomo Lahat, was a unique youth band of its time, being among the few that performed completely live, with singing and lively, modern movement, comprising five musicians and about fifteen singers and actors. Among them, you'll find the singing star and creator - Dudu Tassa. The band was cultivated from some of the best youth band guides in the country and many people from the culture and media sectors.

The band was expertly managed by Nitzan Aviv, in collaboration with Yossi Saporta, the manager of the music center.

The musical management of the band, including the orchestra, was under the skilled and talented hands of Yanai Weiss, of blessed memory.

A few words in memory of the wonderful musician: On April 30, 2003, Yanai Weiss was playing at "Mike's Place" on the promenade near the beach in Tel Aviv, when a suicide bomber carrying explosives blew himself up at the entrance to the club. Three people were killed in the attack, including Yanay, who was playing that evening at the place with friends, as part of their weekly "jam session". He was 47 years old and is survived by a wife and two children. May his memory be blessed forever!!!

The artistic direction, writing, and directing were entrusted to the creator and director Arik Yaakovovich.

The manager of Danny House and the great father and supporter of the band is Baruch Goldreich.